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Aerial view of Kalamazoo College athletic fields. At K we are committed to finding the type of student-athlete who will be successful both in the classroom as well as in our athletic programs. We ask that you do your homework on Kalamazoo through the following steps:

  • Go to the Kalamazoo College website and look for your academic interests, extracurricular interests in addition to your sport, and to learn about the admission process. Begin to consider where you might “fit” at Kalamazoo.
  • Look at our athletics website for rosters, schedules, results, photos, videos, and much more about the Hornets!
  • Talk with your coaches about your future as a collegiate athlete.
  • Talk with your high school teachers and college counselors about the opportunities available at Kalamazoo College.

And because this is an interactive process, if you are interested in further contact, please fill out the online recruiting form (links above) as completely as possible. And feel free to email or call our coaches directly!


  • After you are in contact with a coach, we will want to see you play, and then have you see us play.  
  •  Work with our coaches to provide your playing schedule and/or videos.
  • Check your schedule for campus visit possibilities. Juniors often visit in the spring or summer before their senior year. During the academic year, you can schedule a visit to campus for you and your parents through our Office of Admission at 269-337-7166 (toll free within US: 877-557-9755). Visits can be personalized to include campus tour, classroom visits, informational meetings with academic and admission advisors and lastly, a meeting with the coaches and team members.
  • You can then schedule an overnight visit. Overnight visits are one of the best ways to get an intimate look at the school. It's a great way to meet prospective teammates, which should help in ensuring that K is the right place for you. These are arranged through our Visit Coordinator in the Office of Admission during your senior year. If possible, try to plan it for a time when we have a home game as this will help you to best experience K's sporting and campus culture.
  • Your application process and matriculation are the same as any student looking at Kalamazoo so please pay special attention to those deadlines and apply early.
  • Unless you apply Early Decision, you will have until May 1 of your senior year to make your decision. However, the earlier you know, and the earlier you inform coach of your decision, the more time you will have to enjoy your Kalamazoo Experience!
  • We DO NOT have letters of intent in Division III. Your acceptance of the offer of admission through your deposit to Kalamazoo College informs us of your decision.


If you have general questions about the admission process at Kalamazoo College, please visit the admission web site or send an e-mail to the admission office ( or to the admission counselor that covers your geographical area.