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Academic All-Americans

Academic All-Americans are the ultimate example of the type of student-athletes at Kalamazoo College. Academic All-Americans compete and excel at the highest levels of competition while also achieving and contributing at the highest levels in the classroom and campus community.

The Academic All-America program is sponsored and administered by the College Sports Communicators (formerly CoSIDA). Student-athletes are nominated by current CSC members for Academic All-District teams. Those who obtain Academic All-District status move onto the national Academic All-America ballot; these national awards (First Team, Second Team, Third Team for each sport category) are voted upon by Academic All-America Committee members and current CSC Board of Directors.

Kalamazoo College's All-Time Academic All-Americans

Year Name Sport (Team)
2023 Harrison Poeszat Baseball (1st)
2020 Noah Coplan Football (2nd)
2019 Nick Ludka Men's Golf (2nd)
2017 David Vanderkloot Football (2nd)
2017 Christina Dandar Women's Soccer (1st)
2016 Christina Dandar Women's Soccer (3rd)
2015 Will Guedes Men's Swimming (2nd)
2014 Lucy Mailing Women's Soccer (2nd)
2014 Mark Ghafari Men's Basketball (1st)
2013 Mark Ghafari Men's Basketball (3rd)
2013 Will Guedes Men's Swimming (1st)
2012 Kevin Lodewyk Men's Swimming (3rd)
2012 Kelsey Hassevoort Women's Tennis (1st)
2012 Alex Dombos Men's Tennis (1st)
2011 Craig Fleming Men's Swimming (2nd)
2011 Alex Dombos Men's Tennis (2nd)
2009 Brandon Luczak Football (1st)
2009 Nate Kopydlowski Football (1st)
2007 Laura Winkler Volleyball (3rd)
2005 Meaghan Clark Women's Tennis (3rd)
2003 Andrew Kemple Men's Soccer (3rd)
2002 Kyle Harding Men's Tennis (2nd)
2002 Evan Whitbeck Men's Swimming (1st)
2002 Jonathan Hughes Men's Soccer (2nd)
2002 Kim Hartman Women's Soccer (2nd)
2001 Brant Haverdink Football (1st)
2001 Evan Whitbeck Men's Swimming (2nd)
2001 Jonathan Hughes Men's Soccer (1st)
2001 Lydia Raburn Women's Soccer (2nd)
2001 David Dwaihy Men's Soccer (1st)
2000 Markus Boos Men's Swimming (2nd)
1997 Kip Adrian Men's Soccer (1st)
1997 Pat Noud Men's Tennis (3rd)
1997 Eve Halderson Women's Tennis (1st)
1996 Lance Sanders Football (2nd)
1996 Jeremy Cole Men's Basketball (2nd)
1996 Sara Musser Women's Basketball (2nd)
1993 Lewis Miller Men's Tennis (1st)
1992 Lewis Miller Men's Tennis (1st)
1992 Nathan Eddy Men's Tennis (1st)
1992 Sean Mullendore Football (1st)
1991 Sean Mullendore Football (2nd)
1991 Nathan Eddy Men's Tennis (2nd)
1990 David Doyle Football (2nd)
1986 Christopher Mack Football (2nd)
1982 John Schelske Basketball (3rd)

Kalamazoo College's Two-Time Academic All-Americans

Name Sport Years
Christina Dandar Women's Soccer 2016, 2017
Will Guedes Men's Swimming 2013, 2015
Mark Ghafari Men's Basketball 2013, 2014
Alex Dombos Men's Tennis 2011, 2012
Evan Whitbeck Men's Swimming 2001, 2002
Jonathan Hughes Men's Soccer 2001, 2002
Lewis Miller Men's Tennis 1992, 1993
Nathan Eddy Men's Tennis 1991, 1992
Sean Mullendore Football 1991, 1992


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